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Evora™ Nasal Mask
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Fisher & Paykel
Evora™ Nasal Mask
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Product details

Introducing the world’s first CapFit headgear

Unlike any other mask, F&P Evora™ incorporates CapFit headgear that has been designed to be put on like a cap – a simple and intuitive movement that patients are familiar with.

Minimal, one-size headgear

CapFit headgear for a simple and intuitive fit.

The next generation of Dynamic Support Technology™

Soft, compact floating seal that sits comfortably under the nose to create an unobtrusive seal.

Soft-knit fabric

Comfortable headgear designed with AirEdge Technology to avoid leaving marks on the face.

Radial air-flow

Laser-drilled exhaust holes designed to minimize noise and draft.

Download the F&P myMASK APP on the Google Play or Apple APP Store


In the box

(A) Choice of Cushion

(B) Frame and tubing

(C) Headgear

Product Specifications

Evora Nasal Mask Includes

  • Evora HeadGear
  • Evora Frame
  • Evora Choice of Cushion


  • Operating pressure range:  4 to 25 cmH2O
  • To be used on patients: (<gt/>66 lbs/30kg)
  • For use with CPAP and BiPAP therapy


  • Wash your Mask: after each use: Hand-wash soap and lukewarm water. Do not soak for more than 10 min. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water.
  • Headgear: after 7 days of use: Hand-wash your Headgear in soap dissolved in lukewarm water

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