Bleep DreamPort™ Sleep Solution
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Bleep DreamPort™ Sleep Solution
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Product details

Make the mask a thing of the past.

Unlike traditional CPAP masks the DreamPort Sleep Solution from Bleep is headgear free, lightweight, flexible and easy to use. The patented solution uses medical grade adhesive strips to hold the DreamPorts (seals) in place eliminating headgear. And unlike traditional seals with the DreamPorts you will not wake up with marks on your face.


  • Bleep DreamWay Interface with 10 inch hose and connector
  • Bleep DreamPorts (32-Pack, 16-Night Supply)
  • Instruction Guide

Applying the DreamPort Nostril Covers

Applying the DreamPort Nostril Covers is essential for your mask to work correctly. For the first few nights you use the Bleep, the manufacturer recommends standing in front of a mirror. Once in front of a mirror, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Remove the DreamPort Nostril Covers from the pad. You will need 2 each night.
  • Tilt your head back so you can see your nostrils clearly.
  • Carefully line up and center the DreamPort so it can function as an extension of your nostrils. Avoid placing over the cartilage of the nose, as this can disrupt airflow.
  • Follow the same steps when applying the DreamPort to your other nostril.
  • If you’re not able to breathe well, you may need to adjust the DreamPorts so they line up correctly. The airflow may be partially covered by tape.
  • Adjust the DreamPort as needed until you’re able to breathe easily.

Connecting the DreamPorts to the DreamWay interface

For these steps, the manufacturer recommends standing in front of a mirror.

  • It’s best to connect one node at a time. Begin by pinching the quick release tip of the connector, located on the side of the mask connector.
  • Guide the node into place so that it pairs with the tube found on the DreamPort. Let go of the clips. You should hear an audible click.
  • Repeat the process for the other nostril. Once you connect both nodes to its tube counterpart, your mask is ready for use.
  • The only thing left is connecting the short tube to your standard size hose.

Connecting the Short Tube to the Hose

Please be advised, this product is NOT compatible with the AirMini. To connect the short tube to the hose, you will need to guide the open end of the hose to the open end of the short tube and slide the short tube into place. The manufacturer intends for customers to use a standard hose or a standard-sized heated hose. It won’t fit the special tubing found with the AirMini.

Tips for Use

  • If you notice a leak from your mask, it means the tape is not properly sealed, and could be the result of human oils on the skin. It could also mean the mask is not properly connected to the DreamPorts.
  • You may need to try to press down on the adhesive bonding the tape to the skin. If that doesn’t work, you may need to clean the area and reapply the DreamPort.
  • Make sure the temperature of the room is comfortable enough, so you won’t perspire or sweat. Sweat and perspiration can cause the seal to break.
  • If you have any kind of allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately, and consult your physician or medical professional responsible for your care.
  • Please discontinue use if any of the following occur: tooth, gum or jaw soreness, severe headache, chest discomfort, shortness of breath or eye pain.

In the box

Bleep DreamWay Interface with 10 inch hose and connector

Bleep DreamPorts (32-Pack, 16-Night Supply)

Instruction Guide

Product Specifications

Bleep Mask Includes

  • Bleep DreamWay Interface with 10 inch hose and connector
  • Bleep DreamPorts (32-Pack, 16-Night Supply)
  • Instruction Guide


  • Intended to be used by adults weighing≥ 66lbs (30kgs)
  • The operating pressure range of the mask is recommended for 4 to 20 cm H20


First, remove the QR Sockets by pinching the tabs located along the QR rim. Once the QR Sockets and Silicone Interface have
been released, gently peel back the edge of one of the Bleep DreamPort patches at the outside of the nose. After detaching
one edge from your skin, grip the adhesive and gradually peel down, using your fi ngers of your other hand to hold the skin
beside your nose in place. Gradually remove the tape from the sides of your nose in a downward motion, being careful
not to yank or rip the adhesive patches away from your skin. Always pull down so that the fi nal process of removing the
adhesive ends below the underside of the nose. Never pull upward to remove the adhesive DreamPorts. This will optimally
protect the skin. DreamPorts are for one time use. Discard DreamPorts after removal; DreamPorts are recyclable.

1. Place the DreamWay into lukewarm water that contains a mild soap. Agitate back and forth for 20-30 seconds to
immerse fully in the soapy solution. Let soak for 10 minutes.
2. Following the 10-minute soak, rinse thoroughly in fresh water, ensuring that all soap residue is removed and allow to
drip dry.
3. Leave all parts to dry out of direct sunlight.

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