AirFit P30i
DSX500T11C 638XX
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AirFit P30i
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Product details

Resmed AirFit P30i – A more natural sleep experience

ResMed AirFit P30i is designed to keep air tubing out of the way so patients can sleep comfortably in their favorite position. It also features a nasal pillows cushion with ResMed QuietAir vent technology, which makes it 80% quieter than the market-leading mask. The Standard Starter Pack includes three nasal pillows cushion sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The Small Starter Pack includes two nasal pillows cushion sizes: Small and Medium.


  • QuietAir™ vent reduces sound to only 21 decibels 1 – quieter than a soft whisper
  • Top-of-head connection keeps air tubing out of your way for more freedom
  • Slip-on design makes it simple to put on and take off
  • Quick-release elbow allows you to get up at night and disconnect without removing the mask

In the box

Choose from Small or Standard Starter Pack

Product Specifications


  • Operating pressure range:  4 to 25 cmH2O
  • To be used on patients: (<gt/>66 lbs/30kg)
  • For use with CPAP and BiPAP therapy


  • After each use: Cushion
  • Weekly: Headgear, frame and elbow
    1. Soak the components in warm water with a mild liquid detergent. Ensure that there are no air bubbles while soaking.
    2. Hand wash the components with a soft bristle brush. Pay particular
    attention to the vent holes.
    3. Thoroughly rinse the components under running water.
    4. For the frame sleeves, squeeze with a clean towel to remove excess water. Shake the QuietAir vent to remove any excess water. Leave
    the components to air dry out of direct sunlight. If the mask components are not visibly clean, repeat the cleaning steps.

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