About Us

We are a new kind of sleep provider

We understand the health consequences of untreated sleep apnea and the challenges CPAP users face. Whether your new to using CPAP or are looking to reorder supplies our friendly caring respiratory therapists and sleep experts take pleasure in looking after you.

With love,
Our Philosophy
More “sleep”
Less “stress”

We believe that getting you the right sleep products shouldn’t be complicated and it shouldn’t take forever. We understand medical insurance and doctors – that’s why we take of care of the details so you can follow your dreams and go back to bed.

Our Philosophy
CpapForMe is …

Never wait in line at a store again Free delivery at your doorstep


Text, call, email or video chat with one of our sleep experts whenever is convenient


Never worry about refills of supplies We keep track so you don’t have to


Never speak to an insurance company again Well coordinate with your doctor and insurance